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A Publication of Buckeye Divers Issued September, 2017

Buckeye Divers meet the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7:30 pm at Tommy's Pizza 1350 W. Lane Ave. Columbus, OH 43221.

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Buckeye Divers meet on the second Tuesday of each month at Tommy's Pizza, 1350 W. Lane Ave. Columbus, OH 43221. 

Please note the new starting time of 7:30!

We have an Executive Meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month at one of the member's homes.

Port Sanilac by Dennis LaRue

Labor Day trip - Port Sanilac, MI

Wiley, Tracy, George, Teresa, Doug, Ann, and Dennis headed north on Friday and checked into Port Huron's Main St. Lodge and Suites.  Not a great place, but in walking distance to downtown restaurants and not expensive.  We had dinner at Vintage Tavern, a nice place, but didn't stay up too late because it was a 45 minute drive up to Port Sanilac to meet the boat.

The drive north along the shoreline of Lake Huron Saturday morning wasn't very promising.  White caps blowing in to shore didn't bode for a pleasant day on the water.  We got to the harbor and captain Gary and Mate Linda (Rec and Tec scuba charters) were standing on shore.  The boat, the Sylvia Anne, wasn't going anywhere.  The waves were breaking over the seawall and the sane captains were staying in port.  We did watch one sailboat leave the harbor under power, its mast dancing like a metronome gone haywire.  We occupied ourselves on land for the day and went back to the Vintage Tavern for dinner.  It's a good place!

Sunday morning's drive north looked a lot more promising.  No white caps and flags weren't flying.  We loaded our gear on the boat, signed the waivers, and then we were off to the North Star.  It was great to be heading out after being blown off the day before and all three days in North Carolina.  The buoy was tied off near the engine and vis was around 15'.  The water was cool, a bit below 50°, but we still had fun blowing bubbles.

The second dive was on the Regina, another favorite in the area.  It was more intact, but it had turned turtle when it sank.  No one penetrated (very far) on this dive.  It was still a good dive and the seas had mellowed a bit so getting back in the boat was a little easier.

Sunday night we ate at Rix's Rooftop, just behind the motel.  It was comparable to the Vintage Tavern but new enough to still have some kinks.  Nice view though.

Monday continues with Doug's story.

River Dive by Doug Ballmann

Labor Day - St. Clair River

While on the Port Sanilac trip Wiley and Doug took advantage of a chance to dive the St Clair River with Ed and Andrew off of Andrew's boat.  We met them at the Kroger's in Algonac which is across from the boat ramp to load gear and make a last pit stop.  We then jumped aboard leaving Dennis, Ann, and Tracy ashore.

We launched the boat and set up gear while motoring to the South Channel.  Wiley and Ed were first team.   They got in and did about 20 minutes before we had to recall them to get away from a freighter.  Wait out the big guy and they were back in for another 30 minutes or so.  We switched to Andrew and Doug on a dive after waiting out another freighter.  We did about 50 minutes on the first dive.  This dive was around 35' deep in 66° F water.

Second dive was similar with again having to recall divers for freighter.  This dive was about 45' deep. Same temp.

Loads of goodies.  Bottles, plates, golf balls, fossils, and Wiley found what we think is a chamber pot.

We then loaded up for the drive home.

Winter trip

We have settled on Dominica Ft Young hotel Buddy Dive for the trip.
There is an article in Alert Diver this month.

  • 1360.30 per diver, based on DBL Occupancy in an upgraded Fort Room
  • 2122.14 per diver, based on SGL Occupancy in an upgraded Fort Room

  • Deduct $400 for non-diver.
    If we get 9 the 10th is free so we might save about 10%.



    Friendly seal

    Teresa found an interesting video: https://weloveanimals.me/diver-doesnt-understand-seal-wants-grabs-hand/

    Cocos Island

    They play up the sharks in this video, but lots of other neat stuff too: https://youtu.be/rJa1g_LbrYU

    Shipwrecks and Scuba 2017.

    This year's show (the 33rd) will be on October 21 at the Kalahari Resort & Water Park again.
    One of the daytime presentations is about diving Dominica!
    Early bird discounts and S&S Kalahari Room rates end on September 20.

    Exec Meetings
    Diana hosted the August meeting with a small turnout but great tacos!

    Upcoming locations:
  • September 26 - TBD

  • 2017 Dive Calendar
    Winter trip
    Dominica, January 27 - February 3.  Staying at Ft Young hotel and diving with Buddy Dive.

    For more info or to sign up for a trip please contact Doug Ballmann at dballmann@gmail.com

    August 2017
    Meeting Minutes

    Buckeye Divers
    Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2017

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